Journal moves entirely online!

Journal moves entirely online!
eJournal Staff
Monday, October 5, 2020

In January of this year, the Building Performance Journal was born. As a rebrand of Home Energy magazine, the Building Performance Journal transitioned into a Building Performance Association (BPA) members-only publication—moving from a subscription-based model to a value of membership.

While the Building Performance Journal had a new name and a new logo to coincide with the association it belongs to, its focus stayed the same: to publish relevant, technical content for the building performance and weatherization communities. The same focus its had since 1984.

In January, along with our print publication, we introduced a digital version of the Journal with added media components—a digital newsroom, blog feeds, and a video show. But, alas, January of 2020 was a much different time than today. Today, our organization faces a lot more challenges than we did at the beginning of this year. Challenges we know that everyone in our industry is facing. So, we’ve decided to pivot our Journal brand just a bit.

In order to keep publishing relevant, technical content, we’re moving away from the traditional magazine-style format and instead will be publishing content solely on our website. The Building Performance Journal will now become the Building Performance eJournal—an online information hub for our members. And don’t worry, we’re still publishing everything we used to: news, trends, policy updates, features, blogs… just in a new way. 

Instead of a quarterly print and digital schedule, we’ll be publishing much more frequently, ensuring that we’re providing the highest value to our members. Members can expect a daily blog, weekly trends, monthly in-depth feature articles, and a lot more multimedia. 

Stay tuned as we make these changes – more details to come!

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Marty Foye posted a status
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