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You don’t need us to tell you: The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting small businesses. However, despite the negatives, there are a few positives. One is that many Americans are looking to help “support local” in any way they can,

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Home performance contractors are adjusting on the fly to deal with COVID-19 related health and safety guidelines (take advantage of our coronavirus resource page here). In addition to the large number of homeowners who are wary about letting technici

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- By Peter Troast, Founder & CEO

Whole house home performance is a hard sell. Now, thanks to COVID-19, the hurdle is raised higher: homeowners are reluctant to invite us into their homes. And, for good measure, we face an economy more uncertain than a

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We all have our eyes and ears pinned to the news headlines in relation to the COVID-19 outbreak, and it is still unclear when the HVAC, home performance, and solar industries will be able to return to “business as usual.” How is all of this time at h

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- By Cory Allyn, Energy Circle Content Writer

Energy Circle is continuing to provide information and resources to HVAC, home performance, and solar companies that are looking for suggested operating practices during and after the coronavirus/COVID-19

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Get your home performance, HVAC, or solar company out ahead of spreading news about COVID-19/coronavirus. In the middle of a rapidly changing situation, Energy Circle offers some suggestions for clear, transparent communication with your customers.
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Improve your local search ranking and overcome the challenges that Google creates for service area businesses. Learn more about how “proximity bias” can negatively affect a customer’s ability to find your business online, and three digital marketing
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During the BPA National Conference—not in New Orleans, but in your home and mine—I got to sit down with Allison Bailes and chat about his upcoming book, A House Needs to Breathe … Or Does It? That’s a working title, but it caught my attention. I pre…
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Mary S. Lopez, PhD, CPE & Michael J. Ellenbecker, ScD, CIH
ACGIH Chair & Immediate Past Chair
The Science of Guidelines and Standards 
COL (Ret) Mary S. Lopez, PHD, CPE the 2020 Chair of the ACGIH, Michael J. Ellenbocker, ScD, CIH immediate past A…
Building Performance Association commented on Building Performance Association's event Using Fixed Rate monthly financing to increase close rates
"Hi Stanley - It hasn't been posted yet, but it should be available to view here once it is uploaded to the Pearl website. https://pearlcertification.com/category/webinars/"
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"Something was messed up in the calendar notice - it set itself for 4:00 PM EST, so I missed the event. Is there a recording I can listen to after the fact?"
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Jul 10, 2020 from 1:00pm to 2:30pm

Virtual meeting via gotowebinar

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"Find past issues of the Building Performance Journal here: https://www.building-performance.org/journal"
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All equipment is used but in good condition. I'd be willing to make a deal if someone wanted all or most of the equipment in the same purchase.Retrotec Blower Door: used, DM221 manometer, flow rings, fabric door panel, door frame case. $750Retrotec…
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"Hi Diane, thanks for your comment. These are recorded Zoom meetings. What's cool is you are sent both your sound and the guests' sound separately (and blended). 
Makes editing nice. I'm also recording my own sound locally in Garageband so I have mor…"
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How to make calculation with "Express" mode? In this tutorial, you will understand steps to create your project and get calculation result of building's energy efficiency. The application is free and already available in App Store and Google Play.So…
Dmitriy Karpenko posted a blog post
"Solvergy: Buildings" mobile application designed to quickly analyze using AI the energy efficiency of buildings that consume energy for heating. The main innovation of the application is the ability to calculate the consumption and energy efficienc…
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Solvergy: Buildings - innovative tool for calculating energy efficiency of a building, powered by AI. Visit: https://buildings.solvergy.org/
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Building Performance Association posted an event

Jul 7, 2020 from 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Zoom Webinar

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