Thank you! “The Domino Effect of Quarantine and Responses to COVID-19: What We Know, What You Can Do.”

For the building performance industry, no one is on the frontlines of the battle with the COVID-19 virus than indoor air quality professionals. On March 19, Bob Krell, who is an IAQ contractor himself, as well as Publisher of Healthy Indoors magazine and Building Performance Journal, and Corbett Lunsford, Producer of “Building Performance Podcast” acted fast to round up eight of the big guns in chemistry, public health, and indoor air quality. 4183556352?profile=RESIZE_710x

They produced a series of three 1-hour live streamed events called “The Domino Effect of Quarantine and Responses to COVID-19: What We Know, What You Can Do.” These sessions, free to the public, and available as recorded videos, allowed us to hear the pros asking questions of the experts. In this unprecedented home-quarantine (minus absolutely recommended and essential exercise outdoors at safe distances from others), how can we best interact with our indoor environments to keep them supportive of our health?


Kudos to all involved. The experts who participated their wisdom and experience and to moderators, Bob Krell and Corbett Lunsford for maintaining a layperson’s level of communication by the panelists, and to both for continuing to bring the topics to the general public (not just those in two story single family homes with well-maintained HVAC systems). This inclusion is emphasized throughout. All panelists emphasize the realities that much of what science can absolutely know about this virus is still being discovered and the humility curiousity interest and wisdom brought to this conversation, while sobering, is a comfort.

We can expect to see more of these essential video discussions. Stay tuned to Building Performance Journal and your Building Performance Community to stay abreast of them, and stay safe and sensible, everyone!



PT 1: How This Pandemic is Effecting Us.

  • Dr. Michelle Sanborn, Doctor of internal medicine, graduate of John’s Hopkins University.
  • Dr. Delphine Farmer, Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Colorado State University.
  • Joe Medosch, Healthy Building Scientist for Hayward Score.

PT 2: Managing the Public Health Crisis

  • Dr. David Krause, Certified Industrial Hygienist and Toxicologist.
  • Scott Armour, Chair of IICRC Mold Removal Specialist Certification and Exam Program
  • Tim Hebert,  AHA Certified Healthcare Constructor and an ACAC-Certified Microbial Consultant

PT 3: Practical Anti-Virus Measures for Buildings

  • Cole Stanton, Expert in catastrophe restoration.
  • Kristofer Anderson, PE. Founder and President of K.G. ANDERSON, a Maine consulting engineering firm.

Go watch:


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