Chris Stratton and Wen Lee are the 1st couple to achieve the 1000 Home Challenge in two different homes. Their second home was several years in the making: it involved a DIY renovation of the homeowner’s childhood home. Among their goals were: gain construction experience; improve the performance and indoor environmental quality of their home; reduce the climate impacts of the home’s operation; add value to the home; and demonstrate to others what can be done and the benefits of doing deep energy renovations.

While techniques will vary, the general strategies deployed are very replicable. They included: removing all combustion appliances and turning off the fossil gas supply line; air sealing and super-insulating the building envelope; installing high-performance electric appliances’ and adding on-site energy generation and storage.

The results are impressive! Chris and Wen achieved an 89% reduction in energy use. They used 1,250 kWh during their monitoring year, November 1, 2019 – October 31, 2020. Approximately ½ of the reduction resulted from the 4 KW PV array.

Their journey has been captured in their blog: Frugal Happy Blog.


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