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Oily Stuff in ERVs

I visited a house a couple of days ago that was full of HVAC issues.  About 4000 square foot house with multiple systems including two poorly installed ERVs.  Summer house, so it is infrequently used.  When I opened the covers on each ERV an oily sub

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Hydronic System Critique

Good day folks

First many thanks, especially to David, for your help in determining the needed BTU's to heat air.  It was a very good discussion for me which forced me to defend (I believe successfully) to heat my domestic water with a Hybrid Heat Pum

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Heat and A/C on a boat

My 40 foot sailboat is only about 100 ft2 of floor space, the surface area is more that of a mobile home - long and narrow, the hull and deck are about an R-5, the glass is all single pane, and there are skylights and hatches that let in ALL of the s

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I am working my way through ACCA's latest manual LLH (Low Load Homes). The postulate of continuous fan increases indoor humidity in the cooling season arises in Section 8. This principle has been shouted from the roof tops of many building science ve

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