We asked the question: "Which of these advacements in deep energy retrofit technologies are the most promising in your market?"

  • TOP PICK (most votes, 20+): Integrated heat pump for space heating and hot water
  • LOOKS PROMISING (15-19): Cold climate heat pump, smart ventilation, low GWP spray foam insulation, real-time IAQ monitoring
  • HAS POTENTIAL (10-14): Aeroseal in existing envelope, automated HVAC fault detection and diagnostics, real-time energy monitoring, backup home power solutions, smart building controls, thin triple pane windows
  • MAYBES (5-9): Alternative refrigerant heat pump, foundation insulation, super-insulation materials (e.g., aerogel)
  • BOTTOM CHOICES (<5): Advanced dehumification, smart windows coverings, phase change materials in building envelope
This project is sponsored by the Department of Energy. We are looking for industry leaders to take part in a 20-minute survey to help us better understand market drivers, opportunities, and challenges to broaden the adoption of deep energy retrofits. 
This survey aims to find out:
  • What motivates and deters deep energy retrofits in today's market
  • Promising strategies and technologies
  • Non-cost aspects of retrofit measures that make them more or less desirable for homeowners and contractors 
We welcome responses from you and other building energy professionals. Our survey is open until June 30.  
To find out more about our study, please visit:

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