Hi there, I often get quizzed over the true cost to the user of installing a new boiler.  It seems to me consumers do not understand the costs around buying and installing a new boiler. You have companies who sell boilers and companies that sell and install boilers.  You have local boiler installers as well national companies.  You now even have websites such as http://www.boilersprices.co.uk/ideal-boilers-prices/vogue-combi/ trying to make sense of pricing within the sector! Can someone advise how pricing within the sector is regulated?   It seems consumers have a trust issue with regards to engineers and pricing.


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  • I think that there needs to be some kind of regulation with the boiler industry as there are so many buy online type companies popping up that are outsourcing their work to random installers around the UK. Yes, sure some are vetted but surely when they are installing on large scale it is hard to regulate the quality of the installers.

    There are many articles and blogs to help homeowners but none really delve deep into each company. Unfortunately consumers purchasing their new boiler may not always come across blogs and posts which will help them decide what boiler to get. If they had read something like this best combi boilers then they may make a more informed decison on their purchase.

    A few of the larger companies seems to be Boxt, Heatable and Warmzilla how now popped up out of no where.

    Who could help regulate the buy online industry? That i am unsure of? 


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    • I can buy most things on web.   Most jobs I am asked to put in than were on web are 35-55% there. Missing fitting - bolts - tanks - stats - paperwork.   over all no plan.  No layout.  No overview.   I still have to draw out the building - piping -  do a heat loss - test the piping - test CO - back flow.   I just left a DYI boiler install were flue was blowing into home and gas presser was to high so got 2500 PPM CO.   My point is hire a true pro for boilers - wiring - plumbing - gas - true trades.   DYI the dry wall the demo the painting the clean up.   It saver 

  • We are considering moving to a less transparent model which may seem bizarre but it's due to requests from our partner installers.

    • @Ash, I can see the frustration, however, how do you go less transparent without dramatically reducing your lead conversion rate? You can't really tell a potential customer - hey, sign here first and then we'll tell you the full price.

      More and more companies are going fully transparent with their boiler prices. The above is a good example, then there''s this one: https://www.glowgreenltd.com/combi-boiler-price-guide/ and many others.

      Essentially, there are so many competitors in the market that you can no longer compete on price alone. Read your competitors' Trustpilot reviews and try to assess what customers hate, then work hard to remove this hate factor from your business.

      To answer the OP about the price of installing a new boiler, you need to design a reporting system that collects full data throughout the whole journey from the lead acquisition to the boiler installation and servicing. Know to the last cent how much it costs to acquire customers and install boilers. When you collect this data meticulously, you will be able to assess and adjust your pricing in just a couple of months.

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  • There are so many factors when calculating the cost of a new boiler.

    It's not quite as simple as boiler + labour = final cost.

    You'll need to consider other extras, such as flue types, plume kits, gas runs, filters, controls and chemical flushes (see https://heatable.co.uk/boiler-advice/how-much-do-new-boilers-cost) - There's a large breakdown on all of the factors.

    Looking at the cost of a boiler alone, online, is deceiving.

    I hope that helps.

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  • If your question is the cost of the new Boiler + installation + the cost of the fuel it will burn, In X building , in Y given geographic location, with Z insulation level,  compared with a different efficiency boiler over XX years at YY interest rate.

    Then that is a very complex calculation that will change with each of the listed variables and dozens not listed.

    The US government   has released a computer program to do the calculation learning the program, entering the data, and interpreting the output will require about 30 hours of your time.  



    It is best for consumers to get several bids for similar equipment. Discard any bids more than %15 above or below the average as they are very likely flawed and then pick the remaining vendor you liked best.



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    • When it comes to a topic as complex as a heating system, it is foolish to rely solely on bid prices to make a choice. Unfortunately for the consumer, the majority of contractors are very brief in their description of what they will provide for their bid. You have to look at the specifications, such as -brand and model- is it a reliable one? are parts readily available? Will the installer also maintain the system? Is he/she factory trained on that brand/model?

      -Is the model chosen the best choice and most efficient for the application? (look at the yellow EPA efficiency label)

      -will it include new ECM circulators?

      -Is everything needed included? such as electrical or control wiring, permits, if a condensing boiler is a pH neutralizer included?

      -will they check feed water chemistry and add treatment as needed? (many contractors are not paying attention to boiler water chemistry, which may not cause problems now, but can clog everything up in roughly 3-10 years)

      -will the boiler or furnace be properly commissioned, as described in most IOMs?

      Also keep in mind that the more complex the boiler (such as condensing and modulating boilers/furnaces), the more important it is for annual service, and the more the service and repairs will cost.

  • From my understanding there regulated through the free market process. Just remember, you get what you pay for.

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