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I'm interested in what weatherization and home repair agencies around the country are doing about COVID safety right now. I'm SPECIFICALLY interested in comparing notes with other government funded programs. Is there a dedicated forum for Weatherization Assistance Programs? 

I work for the Opportunity Council in Bellingham, WA and we just created our COVID safety procedures to resume in-home energy audits and contractor work. One of the biggest challenges we faced was the need for client buy-in on safety measures, and having to require contractors to do an Exposure/Health Symptom Survey with clients every day before arriving onsite. It seems like most of our clients will probably opt to vacate the house while contractors are doing work, to minimize exposure risks for everyone and avoid the need to wear masks for extended periods or set-up plastic barriers inside the home. But in setting up our systems, we couldn't avoid a requirement of having contractors do daily exposure/symptom surveys with clients, each day before arriving onsite to do work. How are other agencies grappling with these challenges? 

1. What safety measure are you following with your agency staff fo audits, and contractors doing in-home work? 

2. Are you conducting daily Exposure/Symptoms surveys with clients before allowing staff or contractors to arrive onsite? Are you doing them with your staff and requiring that contractors do daily exposure/symptom surveys with their crews? 

We realize that many contractors aren't having to deal with safety requiremetns like this when clients hire them directly. But as a government funded social services agency sending staff and contractors into client's homes, many of whome are high-risk, not having strick COVID safety procedures seemed like an unacceptable level of risk. Especially with case counts rising as we move into fall and winter. 

Here is a link to the training video I created to train our contractor parners on our new COVID safety procedures: https://youtu.be/4ewMEabRaXY
Our agency staff member are esstentially following the same procedure, we just integrated the forms into our project database. 

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