Gasoline and diesel, which are refined from crude oil, drive the world’s transportation system, including your cars and trucks. The price of crude oil does not operate in accordance with free market supply and demand. Supply is directly controlled, and demand is manipulated. The top three crude oil producing countries are ( The U.S. first, under Donald Trump, with Saudi Arabia, under the ruthless Mohammed bin Salman, in 2nd place followed closely by Russia, under dictator Vladimir Putin. As a group these three countries control the availability and price of crude oil. Like it or not, your ability to economically get around in your gasoline or diesel-powered vehicles is in the hands of these three guys.

In addition to being controlled by a handful of countries and men, the flow of oil is centralized and easily disrupted by war. A major new war in the Middle East will send the price of oil 2 or 3 times higher than it is today. Oil is not a stable foundation for the world’s economy. The US is not crude oil independent, despite President Trump’s claims ( We remain an importer of crude oil, and as such are exposed to extreme price swings and supply interruptions caused by geopolitical events.

There is an alternative to crude oil that has none of these vulnerabilities. Electricity. Unlike crude oil, the price of electricity cannot be controlled by a handful of countries and is immune to war in the Middle East. Right now, today, you can generate all the power you need on your roof for both your house and your electric car or truck. Even the big power plants, like the ones operated by Xcel and other utility companies, are fueled by locally produced fuels, are operated by local people, and have no exposure to events in far off lands.

The conversion to electric transportation will dramatically and permanently alter the geopolitical power structure by taking economic power and control out of the hands of tyrants in the Middle East and Russia whose economies are highly dependent on exports of oil and gas. As long as we fuel our cars and trucks with the ancient remains of dead dinosaurs, we will continue to defend the flow of oil in far off lands at the expense of our national blood, treasure and better moral values. Would we be on the verge of a new war in the Middle East if Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia had no crude oil? Absolutely not! We would have zero troops there.

The post-apocalyptic Mad Max vehicles won’t be big gasoline and diesel machines, they will be electric machines (think Tesla Cybertruck). You can make electricity at home. You can’t make gasoline. Diesel maybe, but not gasoline. The technology to make your own electric ‘fuel’ is here now.

Electric transportation returns economic power to you, strengthens democracy and reduces American adventurism abroad. Coincidentally, it also reduces air pollution at nose level in cities where EVs are used and thus increases health and life expectancy. The future is electric.


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  • Electric vehicles can be an effective solution to air pollution. But their potential to reduce air pollution in the city will not be fully realized if consumers will not support them. City governments must encourage people to use electric vehicles by making them affordable, easily accessible, and reliable.


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