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A bit new to the Open/Studio/EnergyPlus world and I am seeking some help. I have downloaded the residential prototype IDF files. I get an error message when opening in Sketchup. I understand there is a bunch of data in the IDF that is not supported (which can be exported). Since there is no residential models in the BCL, you can download the OpenStudio-HPMXL files that have replaced the since-removed residential models in the BCL. I get all that. What I need help with is the method in which to use this HPMXL data in OpenStudio. I have tried to follow the documentation, without any success on how it all really works. Does anyone have a suggestion on next steps?

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  • I think I may have found the issue with the original residential prototype IDF files. See the last comment in this thread:

    Some data still doesn't import, but I believe that is an issue with OpenStudio not handling the options that E+ does.

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