• Georgia purchased 24 back in 2012ish. Georgia was the first state to require blower door and duct tests in their 2009 (2011) code. They were distributed to HBAs as a rental process - even though most sent them back! (really) 

    I designed a super visual HOW TO perform a test, confirm all the pieces were present and pack the equipment. There was check In/Out process and provided self-check "in calibration" procedures. The program was very effective. After 2 years the HBAs could purchase the units. 

    Georgia also had DET certification (duct and envelope) requirement to rent the equipment and perform the test. BPI later created the IDL Certification. 

    I think Home Depot could rent them. If you look that blower doors at a weatherization agency - they are beaten up, never calibrated, or even checked to see if they are in calibration! 

  • More like a nightmare...

    • How accurate is the equipment - how was it handled by others, properly maintained & tested?
    • How much equipment - just one or more sets, how long is the "checkout" period
    • How long to teach someone to use & setup, make sure everything is ready while hoping the results might be somewhat accurate

    The only ones I see liking this are the ones that like geeking out or want to do targeted air sealing themselves

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