Looking for a Rater in Sacramento Area

I'm currently set up as a participating contractor for both SMUD and PG&E Home Upgrade programs. The fact that I live in Orange County makes making sales difficult, as I can only close the sales I can close over the phone. I am looking for a rater (preferably BPI certified but that's not absolutely necessary) that has their own equipment who can run sales leads for me in the area, quote rebates, sell their own rating services (Test In & Test Out) as well as earn a commission on any HVAC & insulation services sold. If any of you are interested, know anyone or just have a recommendation as to how I could go about finding such a person I would be very interested. Thank you.

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  • Hello Brian,

    Thank you for your request. Emily Saunders, Client Relations Representative for BPI, can help you. Please contact her via email at esaunders@bpi.org or via phone at (518)899-2727, ext. 113

    I would have asked Emily to email you but I don't have your email address. Mine is jbrown@bpi.org

    Please let me know if there is anything else we can help you with.

    Best regards,


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