• WOW! Thanks, everyone for your responses! We are reviewing these opportunities now! 

  • A few things to look for in a robust presentation are types of Recovery Cores : Wheels, Plates, Membranes

    Calculating efficiency, how units handle defrost, how insulated the units are, how quiet the units are, dependability of units, certainly cost and accuracy of installation, certainly commissioning and maintenance, and then how units handle humidity. Certainly how to properly size units to perform in their sweet spots and also controls. Certainly a quick bullet on make up air and ventilators is due.  I'm happy to review the presentation from a 3rd party perspective realizing the importance of this topic.  Thankful Brett Little is helping save the world. Be well everyone!

    • I appreciate it Cody! This is a great list to vet and I might take you up on it. Is this you?

      • That's me. I'll jump on the email you sent Tx.

  • Hi Brett,

    Feel free to shoot me an email with what you had in mind. Happy to help or provide information on past presentations we've done. I believe you have my email address -- if not, just let me know.


    Luke @ UltimateAir Inc.

    • Thanks, Luke!

  • Please email me what happens next to

  • Construction Instruction, Mark LaLiberte, Justin Wilson, and Gord Cooke do a great job and I believe already have a webinar. 

    • Great. Yes. They do good work. We may take it a slightly different direction but I could ask them too. 

    • I see you are in Grand Rapids MI. I would suggest contacting Chris McTaggart with Building Efficiency Resources. Super knowledgeable and in your area.

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