Low-Rise Multifamily Infiltration Data

A couple of weeks ago at the ACI Conference I was afforded the opportunity to present at a Building America Expert Meeting for the discussion on Determining Air Change Rates in Envelope Leakage in Attached Dwellings.  Specifically my presentation covered the Feasibility and Futures of Infiltration Testing on Low-Rise Multifamily Housing where I was able to share how we at NRCERT have been able to audit and specifically perform infiltration testing on Low-Rise Multifamily (LRMF) housing and discuss the quantity and quality of the data we've been able to collect by doing so.


At the end of the presentation, several people in the meeting room expressed interest in reviewing a sampling of the data we can provide.  In the chance that anyone viewing on the streaming webinar at that time would like to take a look at a sampling of our data, or anyone particularly interested in the subject matter, I would like to include you in the discussion.


If you respond to this thread with your contact information, I would be happy to share this data on LRMF infiltration test results with you.




Chase Counts

Trainer, New River Center for Energy Research & Training (NRCERT)





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  • Chase,

    Please share this information with me. I appreciate it.

    Kind regards,

    Amanda Ayoub




  • Chase,

    You likely still have my email address, would love to see any files you may have.

    As always Thanks,

    Yankee Tim

  • hi Chase,

    First of all, thanks to your organization who contributed blower door data to LBNL Residential Diagnostics Database. We really appreciate it. The data we received from Bill Beachy has a hand-full of blower door measurements from multi-family homes. Iain Walker from LBNL attended your ACI presentation. He said that you presented more data. Could you share with us your work? We will soon publish our data analysis on 140,000 measurements of single-family homes. There is far few data on multi-family homes, but we hope to do some preliminary analysis on what we collected as a next step.


    LBNL Residential
    • Hi Wanyu, great to hear from you. I'd be happy to share the samples of information we have prepared, how can I be in touch with you?

  • Chase, 

    I would also be interested to take a look at your data. Thanks for sharing !

    L-P Thibault


  • Chase,

    I would also like to review the data.  Thank you.

    Ryan Moore

    Environmental Dynamics, Inc.

    • Hi Ryan, I'd be happy to share the samples of information we have prepared, how can I be in touch with you?

      • ryan@edi-arch.com

        Thanks Chase.

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  • I have done a bit of multifamily testing for BA.  I'd be curious to see your data.
    Daniel Bergey

  • Chase,


    Have you been in touch with Graham Finch and his project with CMHC to colllect data like this?? If not, get in touch and I'll pass on info to feed this data where it will be very useful.

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