Was asked to trouble shoot a mold issue in a Kneewall assembly.  When I arrived there was a damp and hot (+120) kneewall assembly that had no ventilation.  We corrected the mold issue by installing the proper ventilation to the assembly BUT now the client has a distinct smell that comes into the home.  Is there any way that anyone knows of to eliminate the smell?


As I have stated, mold has dried up, but is still there.  Ideas PLEASE

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  • Keep everything clean in your home and always ensure that there will no mold in the home. It can leads to health diseases and end up hiring doing mold remediation. So, in order to save money for future repairs, do check and inspect these things on your own in advance..

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  • Make the building postive +.   Bring in outside air though return on air handler, furance or ERV/HRV.   Blow out the smells or dirt.   I have 4 story that was back filled with lumber next to roof wash out.   When dry dry dry no smell,  When lots of rain  smell smell smell.   We tried to dig up the trash but some smell was still there so I made the whole building postivie - 1st week was with a duct blaster then fround the needed CFM after all can lights were sealed.    after sealing the lid, walls and rim then put a 5" pipe from outside to return of  furnace,  theres a very nice filter system so.    Smell are hard to find for a older male.   I get a younger female to smell with me.   

  • Sight unseen is always difficult. Smells are hard to trace. Whatever area was contaminated might need to be removed and replaced. When doing so this might provide access to areas unseen now. I normally diagnose cause, then repair and remove damaged drywall. With the cavity open I will use a fan or a dehumidifier to dry the area out. After the area is dry reassemble the area. Given that I am in a dry climate this works for me. As with anything each home, occupant and issue are different as are the solutions. 

  • As a public adjuster in South Florida we deal with mold claims all of the time because mold is very difficult to completely remove.  In addition, as I am sure you are well aware, some molds can be harmful to the overall health of the occupants in the home or business.  However, here is a very good article from wikihow on how to remove mold and mildew smells http://www.wikihow.com/Remove-Musty-Odors.

    I do encourage you to visit our company's web page on mold and water damage and why you should consider having mold professionally mitigated.

    • I have visited the page but doesn't find anything useful there for mold removal.

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  • You may wish to try limeprime by earthpaint.net.
  • Try ground coffee when making an effort to get rid of a musty smell in a room. Although the smell of coffee will linger it will not remain, and it will eliminate the musty smell quickly and easily. mold south Florida

  • I agree with Bud and Emilian, how do you know the mold problem has been corrected? Mold smells generally dissipate significantly when moisture is removed, and you should have noticed the difference scent-wise. You may be able to use a moisture meter if you can access the entire wall surface.

  • Hi Tim.

    Adding ventilation addresses the cause of the mold, maybe, but where the mold developed may be well beyond the kneewalls.

    Where is this house located (approximately), and how many years has this mold issue been going on?  It is now a summer stack condition, so you may possible have air infiltration entering high, passing through the house, and exiting low.  That could be carrying the unwanted smell with it.

    Is the house air conditioned?  Are there any air passages from basement to those kneewalls?  There are often 2 kneewalls, did both have moisture issues?  Plumbing vents often utilize kneewalls to pass up to the roof.  Check for air sealing.


    • I think to have mold, then there is moisture and is good if you can look at and make a thermographic survey of housing. It will serve as a preventive maintenance of the home and if there is a problem it will locate. At least with us in Bulgaria so doing. Look there's a lot of information on these issues energyaudit.bg.

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