Hi community, look what the birds have done to my split AC. They pooped, built nest on top, and completely ruined the machine. It has stopped working. All freezed. I don't think it's worth spending extra money on repairing. Seeing the condition, do you think it will work after repairing? Or should I get a new one instead?

Need opinion from this community.

Thanks in advance!

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  • Birds can come back, can't they? Easy repairing if you're sure that you can prevent returning of them. On the other hand, isn't it better to consider the option with the portable or window conditioner inside? Take a look on Amazon or professional reviews like this

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  • I would flip a coin. It is probably as likely to run for another 5 years after a repair, recharge, and cleaning as a total new one will go for 10 years. The acidic waste makes most things look pretty awful, but can't damage much. If the coils and electrical components are still intact, keep it.

    This is the kind of question people sometimes ask to justify an upgrade. Look at where that replacement would stop. A change of refrigerant will require replacement of indoor and outdoor components, controls, etc.

    Make sure you prevent the return of the birds. Either bird screen or pidgeon spikes. 

  • In my opinion the unit should be an easy repair.

    Cleaning up after a bird is dirty work maybe a little dangerous because some birds do carry diseases that can affect humans.

    All the important parts of the refrigeration system are inside the sealed system and unlikely to be affected by this mess. The worst case is the bird droppings have blocked the air flow thru the coils and or damaged the bearing of the fan motor.  


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