I am an intern for an energy efficiency company out of Asheville NC, and one of the many tasks I have been given is to produce a standard operating procedure for our weatherization technicians and their crew leaders. I have absolutely no prior experience in completing such a task, so I am really hoping that someone out there has some kind of resource they could share with me. Anything that could help get me started on this project would be great. I have a very basic template created, but I lack content and I am unsure of what all should be included. Any resources or insight would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Hi there

    I work for a utility in the Pacific NW - our power provider is the Bonneville Power Administration. If you look down in the middle of the page below under Resources, I think you will find some very useful info.


    Regards, Eric

    Residential Weatherization
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    These materials have already been produced by several states, please focus your energy & skills on TRAINING & COACHING the technicians to actually achieve great results using existing guides rather than trying to recreate a wheel.

    Good luck!

    • I totally agree with Brian.  The book that he linked to has an impressive list of Technical Contributors and there is no sense in recreating the wheel.  

  • https://irecusa.org/2019/07/weatherization-professionals-to-benefit...

    Weatherization Professionals to Benefit from New Interactive Online Training Developed by IREC
  • A good place to start might be the BPI Retrofit Installer Handbook and Field Guide.


    Also, you could check out WAPTAC.


    You could build from there. Good luck!

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  • See NREL's Standard Work Specifications 


    Standard Work Specifications for Home Energy Upgrades
  • Samuel, 

    Every state is required to have weatherization Standard Work Specifications and Field Guides, so what you are describing should already exist.  I suggest you contact Community Action Opportunities in Asheville, NC

  • I seem to recall something already being made that did this... oh yes I did write about it - http://thehtrc.com/2011/national-retrofit-workforce-guidelines-base... 

    Kinda of curious how much has changed since then

    The National Retrofit Workforce Guidelines: Round 2 (Section 9 Baseload aka Appliances & Lighting)
    • From that article it seems pretty evident that people were less than impressed with those guidelines, but from searching through the internet I cant find the actual document itself. I found something that said it was supposedly made in 2011, but I cant find that version or anything newer.

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