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1 in 3 people in the United States now lives in a state or city that has committed to 100% clean electricity. And the role of states, cities, and communities as climate leaders will continue to be vital even as President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris take the helm and lead the U.S. forward again on climate action. This must be the year when city, state, and federal policies all need to work hard to achieve the climate momentum that we need.

There is so much to achieve in 2021. Every level of government—and each of us—will need to be engaged and energized.

We’ll need to move full speed ahead with decarbonizing each key sector of our economy and putting equity, economic recovery, and quality jobs at the center. That means:

  • Getting carbon out of our buildings in a way that puts low-income communities first
  • Making vehicles pollution-free and improving public transportation and clean mobility options
  • Fueling economic recovery and job creation by accelerating the move to a carbon-free power sector and getting carbon out of the industrial sector

And of course, we need to wean ourselves off fossil fuels fast.

Read the entire article here: States & Cities Are Driving Climate & Clean Energy Progress

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  • Good article. Maybe one day soon Clean Air wont be thought of as "Unachieable". 

  • It seems that last year's pandemic and extreme weather have conspired to exact a near-perfect revenge with enormous loss of life, and of course, multi-million dollar financial losses.

    The cost of the bill for the pandemic, I suppose one day an economist will calculate this madness. But by 2020, the economic cost of climate disasters around the world has already been very high (See Cristian AID report PDF)

    We must definitely take the fight against climate change seriously. Greetings
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