Energy efficiency is a hot topic in the construction industry because there is a tremendous need to improve the way energy is used. While individuals can make some efforts at home, building smarter, more efficient buildings will go a long way in making a difference. This is why energy efficiency has been a key contributor to the growth that the construction industry has seen in the last couple of years. In fact, the demand for energy efficiency in construction is forecasted to continue growing for the foreseeable future.

The Impact of Energy Efficiency in the Construction Industry

To understand how energy efficiency is affecting the construction industry, one must first understand what it is. Energy-efficient jobs aim to improve how energy is used. In the construction industry, this may include installing high-efficiency systems, windows, and installations. It may also include upgrading or repairing existing energy systems, such as HVAC and water heating, or even constructing buildings so that they earn LEED certification. As the demand for energy efficiency continues to rise, the construction industry is realizing substantial growth in energy-efficient (EE) jobs. In fact, the construction industry is home to 55.6% of all EE jobs in the U.S.

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  • What qualifies as energy efficient construction jobs? Seems like every time i see a article like this it basically incorporates jobs i am sure are not in the energy efficient sector. Wyoming for instance, i assume their counting gas field and oil field workers? Is this truly an energy efficient job? Just asking...

    • Gas field and oilfield workers are not counted in the EE Jobs in America report, which provides very conservative estimates of the number of energy efficiency jobs. For the methodology used, see the full report. This link gives you both the summary and the report that covers all 50 states in detail: http://bit.ly/EEJobsUSA2019

      New Report: Energy Efficiency Workforce Grows to Over 2.3 Million
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