Check out Alejandra Meija's blog on NRDC: The Role of Gas Efficiency in the Time of Electrification

Transitioning most of our energy uses to clean electricity in an equitable manner is necessary to meet our 2050 climate goals. But what is the role of gas energy efficiency programs as we move to electrify America’s buildings? The short answer is there are still plenty of economic, climate, and energy benefits to pursue as long as utilities and their regulators adhere to a few simple guidelines: Prioritize improving the efficiency of building “envelopes,” addressing the pressing needs of under-resourced (low-income) communities and communities of color; and eliminating incentives for building new homes that use gas. 

Under-resourced and #BIPOC communities have disproportionately higher energy burdens. Gas efficiency programs can be improved & leveraged toward a smooth, equitable transition of these communities off polluting fossil fuels & onto clean electricity.

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