As we move toward the heating season, what are your top tips for homeowners to keep their energy bills under control? and are consumer shopping sites in deregulated energy markets. We also have content on energy efficiency. Would love to use some of the conversation on this forum to educate our readers on making their home more energy efficient. If we use your tips in our article, we'll backlink to your website!

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    • Get an air conditioner tune-up. You should schedule this maintenance once a year, ideally in early spring. 
    • Seal and insulate. 
    • Keep your vents clear. 
    • Block out the sun. 
    • Use ceiling and pedestal fans. 
    • Upgrade to a smart thermostat. 
    • Learn to love your microwave and grill. 
    • Curb daytime use of other big appliances.
  • Plexi-Glass Window Inserts.

    For interior or exterior sides of drafty or older single pane glass.

    They are custom fit to your sash or frame, are lightweight, easily installed & removable, very cost effective option to total window replacement.. The air space between the existing glass and insert adds additional insulation U-factor values to each window unit where installed.

  • Great question! We recently published a two-post series on energy-efficient furnaces, and perhaps more importantly, how to create an energy-efficient home HVAC environment:



    Ultimately, in our experience, making sure that people are properly sealing their windows as well as attic and ducts are key to ensuring that their homes hold their internal temperature well. We second Robin's suggestion re: a home energy audit and have written a piece on that as well: Hope this helps—feel free to backlink to these and other posts on our blog (! We will keep your sites in mind as we research future pieces, as well!

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  • Thanks, everyone for your input on this! 

    Here are the finished articles:

    12 Savings Tips for Winter Heating

    9 Ways to Lower Your Natural Gas Heating Bill This Winter 

    12 Savings Tips for Winter Heating | ElectricityPlans®
    Winter heating bills got you down? Here are 12 budget friendly ways to cut your winter heating bills and save on your electricity costs.
  • Have an energy audit done by a professional. Only after this will you have a clear idea of what issues you having going on with your house as well as a priority list of what is best to take care of and in what order. Aside from just energy efficiency measures there are also health and safety measures to consider. Is all the combustion equipment performing correctly while putting off minimal Carbon Monoxide and also venting properly? Are there any gas leaks anywhere in the house? Does the homeowner know that they don't have any radon issues present? Older homes have additional H&S concerns like lead paint, asbestos, possibly even knob and tube wiring on very old homes. There is almost always rebate money available from utility companies to offset the costs of the audit as well as additional rebate monies to help cover costs of upgrades like air sealing, insulation, water conservation, pipe insulation, high efficiency appliances and equipment, windows, etc.

    • Maintain a very clean and properly installed Filter.
    • Have the HVAC system performance verified.
    • Seal all ducts.
    • Bi annual maintenance 

    Just a few id recommend. 

  • Hi Rebecca,

    There are a million articles on the topic you are looking to discuss. Here is a link to one (that is pretty well done) that I received just today:

    However, Just to keep things interesting...I think that tired topic should be turned on its head. What if you did an article about the misnomers and fallacies that the average homeowner believes about saving home energy? A click-bait title would be: "10 stupid things homeowners do to sabotage their energy bill."

    I will list off a few of the reoccurring favorites:

    1) I will use my wood fireplace or vented gas log to supplement my furnace heat on really cold winter days.

    2) I will buy a new energy efficient fridge and turn my old fridge into a "beer fridge".

    3) I will use my whole house fan all day long to keep the house cooler and less humid. 

    4) The first thing I will do to fix my drafty house is replace the windows.

    5) I have really high electric bills, so I will lease some solar panels on my roof to fix my bill.

    6) I saw I had gaps around my pipes and wires where they entered the house, so I packed fiberglass batting in there. 

    These are just a few off the top of my head, but I am sure other members will chime in.

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    • Ha ha - great!

    • Oh I love it!  First, thanks for the link. And second, love the click bait title idea! That's super original, thank you! I'll work on that article topic. And I'll include a backlink to you too!

  • One of our Facebook followers responded:

    Fireplace Fashion by Beverly Cover your fireplace! It will make such a difference in your heating bills and in the feel of your room.

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