Best Building, Retrofitting, or even Auditing Practices - what are they, what should change, what needs to find it's way to the dust bin of history?

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  • We just announced today that the Home Performance Coalition is taking over Home Energy Pros. Your group will remain intact. See Evan Mills' announcement: 

    Home Performance Coalition Announces the Merger of the Home Perform...

    Thanks so much for all you contribute to the community,
  • Well folks, as things start to wind down here I wish to thank you all for joining & some of the great discussions we have had not only in this group but throughout the site. For many the question is where to now? If I may there is a site run by David Butler which used to be on linked in but was migrated to when linked in started playing games. I strongly urge you to check it out. Best of luck to all of you & many thanks again especially for those like Dianne that kept this site running 

  • Hi Robert,

    I have long advocated volunteer work as a great place to gain real field experience as an Energy Auditor.  Seniors, unemployed, and military families will keep you very busy.  All of the class work we go through is barely enough to get us in the door let alone provide a quality audit.  But, there are many people out there who could benefit from free help even from a beginner.  Throw in, that HVAC is one of the best companion businesses to be experienced in and you have a real asset to offer.

    As for nonprofit status, you will start of that way regardless.  It will take a few years before your skills and operating procedures will be able to turn a profit.  Asking an established insulation company to accompany you in a non profit offering while they are working hard to keep their employees busy and well paid is going to be difficult.

    Once you add up all of the expenses, from equipment and software to insurance and marketing, you may be less enthusiastic about a long term nonprofit.  It takes a significant amount of marketing to keep your calendar full 365.  Mix a successful "for profit" business with an adjustable volunteer service for those who need energy improvements and you will be providing a quality community service while building a long term quality business.  Remember, there are a lot of options for funding out there that, IF, you search them out, you will be able to assist those folks even more.

    Your 3 certifications are just the beginning so tie into the networks of the well established pros and listen to them discuss problems and solutions.



  • Mr. Jones, 

    God bless you. I had tried on many occassions to build a partnership with local HVAC companies without success. The main barrier: the HVAC contractors did not want to lose potential jobs because homeowners felt like they were being sold more than they needed (i.e. insulation). There were also concerns with "over-loading" potential clients with too much information.

    Regardless, the idea is solid, and the execution is likely to be the big challenge. If I was in your neck of the woods I'd be on board in a heartbeat.

    All the best in your endeavors!

  • Hello everyone. My name is Bob Jones...I'm new to this group. I own a small heating & cooling company in Albany, NY.  I've completed three BPI certifications in May, 2014. I'm looking to start a non-profit in my community.  

    I'm looking to partner with an insulation team. The goal is to have a heating & cooling company and an Insulation company under one a non-profit. 

  • Yes I am and agree it is a good site & program to check out - also another good group to consider joining

  • Are you a member of the 1000 Home Challenge group?  There are many common interests.

  • Hi Judy, I have  few thoughts on this & I am sure many others do as well. Unfortunately with it being on the comment wall, not to many people may see it so I am going to create a copy of your question in the discussion area above. Not only will this allow for everyone to reply directly, but everyone should get an email of the question.

  • Good morning,

       I have a client that complained that certain rooms were either cold or hot. She had 45% leakage. We gave her more air, tightened the ducts and now she called and said that the home is now getting very dusty. What is the cause and what to do next. It has gone through the summer with the air blowing thru it, I would think the the dust in the ducts are already blown out

    thanks for your reply

  • Thanks Thomas, I don't know what happened there - is the main page for all articles on it. Thanks
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Moisture/Mold on rim joist

In the cold Wisconsin winter we often see condensation behind fiberglass batt insulation on the rim joist. This is due to basement or crawlspace water vapor reaching the cold surface behind the fiberglass. Sometimes it has been chronic enough to cause mold.Two-part SPF is a great way to eliminate it from happening. Okay, so what are your thoughts on spray foaming over the mold? Let's also assume it's middle of winter and the sawn lumber rim joist is noticeably wet behind the F.G. How important…

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Vented Soffit! DO or DON'T?

I am looking for any studies or research on vented soffits. And, what is your opinion on the age old practice of venting a soffit?I personally am not sold on the idea and would look to a more controlled method of extracting moisture out of an unconditioned space. Or just spray foam the underside of the roof sheeting, or scissor truss w/ raised heal and BIB it. 

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Radon - Passive Systems

Just curious - many locals (per codes) require passive radon systems be installed in new construction and even in certain remodels. There are plenty of "this isn't needed" thoughts out there like this one found here on HEP - Radon Truth vs MythSo do you think radon is just a scare or passive systems are a good idea or...On the flip side for those that do remodels, energy audits, etc... do you recommend or require that testing is done? 

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Blower Doors & Methods Used

Just curious - what Blower Door do you use, what tests do you do, and do you use software or not?For example it is a mixed bag here as some jurisdictions want a multi-point test while others accept a single point. Some may require just a picture or signed document, while others want a full TECTITE report (real fun for us using Retrotec...)So mine is Retrotec with the plastic panel system - RESNET unadjusted single & multi using TECTITE (how I do it - single point test, multi-point test)

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