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  • We are back! Please let us know what you'd like to see us post/talk about!  

  • Does anyone know what/ how/ where in Ontario Canada to become BPI certified? The contact I have in Alberta does not run trainings very often if at all. Canada unfortunately is a non hot bed for EE

    Cheers V.

  • Greeting Everyone - I have 20 Years in the Industry and have created 2 really cool Android Apps that may help make you life much easier.

    BA Building Analyst: https://goo.gl/W1Ltnz 

    DM32 Smart Gauge Field App: https://goo.gl/1K9z0T 


  • Hi Folks,

       I have decided to retire and hopefully some lucky person will be able to take advantage of the tools I have. I bought these tools 2 years ago brand new.

    1. ENERGY CONSERVATORY BLOWER DOOR W/ DG700 W/ USB PORT AND XTRA HOSE KIT, PADDED CASE                                                                                         2400.00

    2. ENERGY CONSERVATORY DUCT BLASTER W/ DG700 W/ USB PORT                                                                                                         1500.00


    4. FLUKE TiR INFARED CAMERA EXTRAS INCLUDE CAR CHARGER AND SUNSHEILD                                                                                              3600.00

    5. TSI ACCU BALANCE MODEL 8371                                                      2700.00

    6. 20 PC ZIP POLES AND DUC BLOCS                                                   1500.00


    8. BACHARACH INFORMANT 2 LEAK DETECTOR W/ RUBBER CASING AND FLASHLIGHT HOLDER                                                                              300.00

    9. INSULATION GRABBER                                                                           45.00

    10. 2 3/8" TELESCOPING LED LIGHT, INSPECTION MIRROR                  10.00




  • I'll be selling the books at RESNET, ACI, B4, and HVAC Excellence, if you want one in person instead, Paul!

  • Thanks Corbett,

    Is there a way to order the book without signing up to LULU ?


  • Paul- there's a new resource that spells out all those tests with step-by-step photos!  It's called Home Performance Diagnostics: the Guide to Advanced Testing, and it's available by clicking here.

    Also, here's a page from the DOE weatherization curriculum with locations for CO sampling for many draft types.CO%20PROBE%20LOCATIONS.pdf

  • Hi, first, thanks for having created this group.

    I would like to see BPI come out a complete section on testing for spillage, co, draft and efficiency on all the different Heating and DHW venting/ power venting, induced fan, direct venting, sealed combustion, etc.configurations out there, along with the difference between negative and positive venting.

  • Hi Timothy, That's great news! If you can stand it, my main advice would be what your mother would say: eat all your vegetables, go to bed on time the night before, arrive with a clear head and a sharpened #2 pencil. Take good notes.

    Beyond that, I recommend researching the "house as a system" concept of whole house energy efficiency. Start with this video, and read this page of our BPI website. You may want to look over the BPI Building Analyst Field Guide. If it is confusing, don't worry. It will make sense to you after you take the course. If you're really ambitious, Google the term "Whole House as a System" and browse; there's lots of interesting material out there. Best of luck!

  • Starting BPI Analyst on Monday. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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