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  • A while back I was in need of blown in cellulose attic insulation.  I had an insulation company that seemed to understand my needs as a home performance contractor and assured me they were well qualified to install the material to QII standards, so I had it written into the contract.  I met the crew on site and chatted up the crew chief.  Besides the upcoming game and the weather, I mentioned QII and got a blank stare.  I asked him if he knew what QII meant?  He mulled it over for a minute and replied, "You mean them fans?"

    No lunch for me that day.

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  • Bad Children Get Coal

  • Happy holidays


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  • Years ago I was a pitching instructor for fastpitch softball.  I recently got an email from a former student, now 23, married and with a 2-year-old son.  Here is what she said;


    "Marriage is like playing playing poker.  At first all you need are two Hearts and a Diamond.   Later, all you really want is a Club and a Spade"


    I don't know why I didn't think of this one earlier.  It's made the rounds but deserves a spot here.   Dilbert Creator Scott Adams "How I almost Saved the Earth"
  • Well, no group like this would be complete without a link to this video, shared previously with HEP by David Ira Shepherd-Gaw.
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pics- They forgot the insulation!

Pics of a house I inspected yesterday.  Built 1964.  Packages of insulation - R11- were tossed up in the attic & were still sitting there uninstalled! None in crawl space either! Did they have R11 in 1964?Forgot the insulation! Forest Glade 006.jpgForgot the insulation! Forest Glade 005.jpgForgot the insulation! Forest Glade 004.jpg

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