Everybody,To be clear, this item is not auditing equipment. So if the group moderator believes this listing is not appropriate, I will certainly remove it.But since many buildings are in need of tempered ventilation air as this winter approaches, and because so many of us in the building science community know about situations where such equipment would be welcome, I thought that perhaps somebody in our group might appreciate knowing about this opportunity to pick up a packaged unit that usually sells for a great deal more money.This is the 1.5 kW version of the Makeup Air II packaged outdoor air fan-heater from Electro Industries in Minnesota.The unit was purchased in 2016 and was installed, but never operated. Carefully-de-mounted from it’s original installation, it is clean, un-damaged and in like-new condition. The sale includes all of its original documentation and accessories. The unit is equipped with a controller, temperature sensor, positive-closing and well-gasketed automatic motorized backdraft damper, cleanable mesh filter and an electric heater rated at 1.5 kW (~5100 Btu/h).This model, built in 2016 seems identical to the same model today. It can inject a steady stream of outdoor air at any time of the year for ventilation dilution of indoor air contaminants, or to “make up” for 150 cfm of air exhausted from a house, or from a locker room or an artists or metalworkers workspace that has an exhaust hood or range hood. In the winter, the unit will “temper” that incoming air; meaning that the air temperature leaving its heater depends on how cold it enters the unit.Pictures and dimensions and manual are available in one of my DropBox folders, here:https://www.dropbox.com/sh/n0y5afbdty0qzf1/AAC6YAiuWATOLsp1NUc4n-ssa?dl=0This relatively modest heater capacity simplifies installation. The unit’s nameplate calls for ampacity of 17.3 A at 120 Volts. So a typical domestic electrical circuit and matching breaker rated at 20 Amps may be adequate for its installation, provided there are not other major electrical draws on the same circuit.But of course as usual, be sure to check with a licensed electrician to be certain this packaged fan-heater unit can be safely installed in the location you have in mind.The documentation provided in the package includes easy-to-follow instructions for installation. And if you care to know more technical details, the manufacturer (Electro Industries) provides a useful 3-minute application/installation video on their website, on the page that describes the current versions of this unit. (http://www.electromn.com/gen/makeup_air_ii.htm)If you have questions, or would like to make an offer, contact me via my cell phone or by email: Lew Harriman@MasonGrant.com (603) 828-7138

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