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Retrotec Door Fan For Sale

Retrotec Q46 with a 2200 fan and DM2 meter.  Excellent condition and has seen minimal use.  All original accessories included.  2200 fan, DM2 gauge w/ charger, umbilical assembly, breakdown door frame, frame cover, frame case, extra hoses, splices, t

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Miscellaneous Equipment For Sale

Testo Model 880-1 Infrared Camera, used about 2 hours, like new.  Dual image/fusion.  Similar to current Model 882.  Paid $5,000, asking $2,000.

Testo 417 Large Vane Anemometer, used 2 times, like new.  Paid $430, asking $325.

Testo 511 Absolute & Baro

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We are a small not for profit in Illinois. We are training a group of young people to be home energy professionals.We are a 501c3 charitable organization in need of equipment: blower doors, duct blaster, manometers, cameras etc.If you are upgrading o

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Fan speed control needed

Does anybody have a Minneapolis fan speed controller (like the one in the picture) they would like to sell?  It's for my second door. So, I'm being a cheapskate and don't want to buy a new one if somebody has a working one just sitting around.


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Blower Door equipment for sale

I have 5 ea Retrotec 6000 blower door fans - $3500.00 ea

1 3000 series fan with WiFi - $2450.00 

These are complete sets , they have been used 7 times on large commercial projects.

2 ea 50" aluminum door frames $800.00 ea

4 ea large door clothes ( 2 dual

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