In this group, members share an array of images from the field, showing the kinds of issues encountered by home performance professionals in real homes. Each tells a story of how hidden (but fixable) problems in homes can cause high energy bills.
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  • Just build a knee wall..and cut holes in it...and be sure to use some aluminum when you do it...

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  • In a far away place in an exotic land...lies a unique shell of a building. An architects rendition of what else but the cooperate office of Reynolds metals who produced "wait for it...." aluminum...(hey Joe...) I actually know a carpenter who at union wages "beat the hell out of it" by order of the contractor. So how do you do a load calc. Alison??How about a duct design for round walls??? 

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  • Give this thread a bump - here's my "bad" album and some of the gems:

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  • Fantastic share Martin! Lmao!

    Hey, how many kwh per year savings did that model out? When you did the m&v, was it on the money?

    That one needs a caption contest...

    This guy has been a pita, I'll fix his wagon.
    The boss has been on me to speed things up...
  • 3668592469?profile=originalLights waste electricity.... so we foam them up.

  • Thanks Andy and Ted. My observations are that the way low income utility weatherization programs are run now the tax payers and paying utility customers are being fleeced and they are literally hurting the homes and families we are trying to help.

  • Oh wow, that's a unique and valuable perspective.  

    The customer get's the shaft because nobody tracks results.  Therefore, excellence has no reward, only added cost, causing competitive disadvantage.  They typical race to the bottom in the desperate bid to stay "cost competitive".  

    Until we start measuring results, the deliverable will remain crap and administrators will continue to attempt to "manage and regulate" quality. 

    Unfortunately history proves that regulating quality means what you get tends to hover around the line of "worst quality allowed". 

    Did you give any thought to the ranking I proposed?  How it might change incentive to performing the best possible work, rather than the worst allowable?  

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Thank-less water heater

I was recently conducting an audit on a home when I ran across this perplexing situation, a tank-less water heater that someone installed with a reticulation pump set on a timer to run 3 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the evening. I guess the contractor has not heard of the on demand system where the homeowner can call for hot water by pushing a button and waiting a minute before turning on the water.At least it had a temperature sensor to shut off the circulation pump once the hot water…

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