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    Residential Energy Dynamics (RED) Announces the Release of its New Website and RED Calc Pro, an Enhanced Version of RED Calc Free

    Bethel, Maine, Oct 31, 2019 – Residential Energy Dynamics (RED) launched a new website ( and released the RED Calc Pro web application, an enhanced version of RED Calc Free, which has been the gold standard for building science calculation tools for the last six years. RED Calc Pro is available to individuals and teams as a monthly or yearly subscription.


    The updated RED website and web address ( replaces the older website ( The new RED website is easier to navigate, uses the latest and most robust web software, and is based on the latest web design standards. It also serves as the gateway for purchasing and launching the RED Calc Pro web application.


    RED Calc Pro web application is an enhanced version of RED Calc Free, but it is not intended to replace the Free building science tools. All 26 of the existing RED Calc Free tools are now available on the new RED website ( and are virtually identical to the corresponding tools on the old website. Although the enhanced RED Calc Pro web application has been launched, RED Calc Free tools will continue to be supported, maintained, and expanded by the company.


    The new enhanced RED Calc Pro web application includes many advanced features, including, but not limited to:

    • Mobile friendly, working seamlessly on all device screens, including smartphones, tablets, and computers
    • All tool and folders saved to the RED Cloud to access from any device
    • Fully functional without an internet connection, syncing with the RED Cloud when the device is connected again
    • PDF reports with customizable report headers and footers
    • Custom folders and templates for organizing work and saving time
    • Multi-tab window syncing of tools and report


    The Pro web application includes a well-designed user interface, thorough documentation, is built with the latest software and methods. RED will soon add ASHRAE 62.2-2019, the latest version of the residential ventilation standard used in the US.


    Residential Energy Dynamics, LLC (RED), with offices in Bethel and Waterville, Maine, is an industry leader in residential building diagnostics and energy analysis software. 

  • Our CEO co-wrote an article in the March edition of Healthy Indoors Magazine. It is on the success of a partnership between home performance professionals and community healthcare workers making a difference in the lives of people with asthma and COPD  It is a great program that can be scaled to work anywhere. This is very exciting! 3668468145?profile=original

    Healthy Indoors Magazine - HI March 2019
    Healthy Indoors Magazine
  • Tamarack Technologies Introduces

    First Intelligent Whole House Fan

    Infinity iFan® can remotely refresh and cool

     indoor air without open windows


    West Wareham, MA, April 21, 2016 – Tamarack Technologies ( CEO Tom Colasanto today introduced the first of a series of new ‘intelligent’ whole house fans. The Infinity iFan® is designed to remotely refresh and replace hot stale air in a home with cooling outside air without the need to open a window.


    “Our new Tamarack Infinity iFan® is revolutionary in that homeowners can access it remotely via their smart phone without having to open windows, a frequent security concern.  All whole house fans currently rely on open windows to draw in outside cooling air. The iFan also constantly filters incoming air when engaged.”


    How it works: The homeowner’s smart phone – using either Apple or Android operating systems -- engages a digital device located almost anywhere within the home which in turn activates the fan. Air is then channeled through a ducted system, pulling in cooler outside air and venting hot air out. “


    “The digital device can be wired into any location in the home for convenience. It also allows the homeowner to manually turn the iFan on or off,” Colasanto said.


    The new Infinity iFan exchanges up to 2200 cfm of air in the home, ideal for a 1000 to 1500 square foot house.


    “It’s important to note that this is not going to ‘condition’ the air but rather refresh it,”

    said Tamarack Vice President of R&D Nelson Warner. ‘Outside temperatures – as with any whole house fan – will need to be at least ten degrees lower than the air temperature in the home for the optimal cooling effect to kick in.


    “However, once started from any remote location, the iFan will immediately begin to create a more comfortable and welcoming home environment,” he added.


    The iFan will most frequently be placed in an attic, but for those homes without an attic, it can be set up in a utility closet, washer/dryer room -- almost anywhere in the house

    with access to an outside wall through ductwork.

    There is some duct work experience and electrical wiring expertise needed to properly install this product, but the new iFan is no more complicated than a typical whole house fan installation.


    “Obviously, we’re excited about this breakthrough product and looking forward to

    other new developments in 2016. We believe this is a ‘game changer’ for our industry and a ‘winner’ for consumers who will live more comfortably with a Tamarack Infinity iFan in their homes,” Colasanto concluded.


    #    #    #


    Tamarack Technologies, headquartered on Cape Cod, MA, is an industry leader in ventilation solutions, manufacturing state-of-the-art fans, indoor air exchange products, pressure balancing products and electronic controls. Creators of the modern whole house fan, the company’s products have been designed to use minimal energy, providing years of maintenance-free service while providing a healthier home environment.

  • Tired of being cold??  Do you have a fireplace in your home?   Your fireplace is the biggest hole in the thermal envelope of your house.  You can make a difference in your energy bills, feel warmer in your living space, save wasted heat and/or cooled air from coming and going up your chimney.  Magnetic, insulated, fireplace covers. 

  • Help Wanted: is looking for a Full-time Alternative Energy Writer. Please contact me A.S.A.P. Thank you.

    Dr. Bloomgarden - Home
    People with Diabetes and other Endocrine diseases can live an active and full life by managing health, activity, and nutrition. Dr. Bloomgarden can h…
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Building Envelope Research recently conducted testing of our coating, Cerama-Tech.  Their results confirmed our original findings from years ago.  Many have asked for more recent test results.  Their testing was to EPDM roofing.


    Our thanks to the folks at ORNL


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MN Homeowners: Earn $100 by letting us learn from your home's electric heating

CEE is recruiting owners of single-family homes in Minnesota for participation in a state-funded research project on cold climate air source heat pumps. The research team is working with utilities to understand the range of household heating and cooling system features that affect heat pump performance. The project will contribute to statewide understanding of heat pumps’ performance, cost effectiveness, and energy and carbon savings.  Sign up for your opportunity to participate Heat pumps can…

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Nominations open for Linda Wigington Leadership Award

Now accepting nominations for the Linda Wigington Leadership Award! This award is given annually at the National Home Performance Conference & Trade Show and celebrates visionary leaders in the industry. Submit your nomination by 3/1/20! The Building Performance Association believes in celebrating the individuals who are making an impact on the home/building performance and weatherization industries — the innovators, the trailblazers, and the tireless leaders whose vision and dedication have…

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