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  • Hi Trainers,

    I'm seeking curriculum developers to partner with on the creation of a variety of online training content. If interested, fill out this application or contact me directly.


  • Hi Folks,

       I have decided to retire and hopefully some lucky person will be able to take advantage of the tools I have. I bought these tools 2 years ago brand new.

    1. ENERGY CONSERVATORY BLOWER DOOR W/ DG700 W/ USB PORT AND XTRA HOSE KIT, PADDED CASE                                                                                         2400.00

    2. ENERGY CONSERVATORY DUCT BLASTER W/ DG700 W/ USB PORT                                                                                                         1500.00


    4. FLUKE TiR INFARED CAMERA EXTRAS INCLUDE CAR CHARGER AND SUNSHEILD                                                                                              3600.00

    5. TSI ACCU BALANCE MODEL 8371                                                      2700.00

    6. 20 PC ZIP POLES AND DUC BLOCS                                                   1500.00


    8. BACHARACH INFORMANT 2 LEAK DETECTOR W/ RUBBER CASING AND FLASHLIGHT HOLDER                                                                              300.00

    9. INSULATION GRABBER                                                                           45.00

    10. 2 3/8" TELESCOPING LED LIGHT, INSPECTION MIRROR                  10.00




  • Just from the BPI group, lots of talk about the new 4 certifacations.... Any ideas on how BPI intends to test for these when we have no trainers/proctors for these?  As of yet, there is no real info on what will be needed for these other than if you have H.S. education, clean record and years of experiance in the construction/energy industries.


    Program Director GoingEvergreen


    Bringing Business, Schools, colleges, and Community together to

    define, deploy, train, mentor High School and Tech Graduates to become Green Energy Technologist, Professional with program and projects based learning.. Achieve Virtual Green Energy application goals.


  • Good day.  I have been providing the How To Finance Energy Upgrades for the CBPCA since August.    Despite the loss of PACE, there are many good financing options available.   The new PowerSaver Pilot from FHA will become available in March and will offer 50% up front funding and low interest rates.   Our challenge is to provide additonal value in the home.  Any comments are welcome
  • Thanks, Dale. Curious - have you compared draft pressure measurements using the three different probes/tubes you mentioned? It would be interesting to see the data.
  • Hey, Paul and Tamasin. Dwyer Instruments has some nice info on measuring low velocity static pressure (draft). Straight in is the best way to measure the low velocity airflow in a stack. An 'L' shape would be better for measuring duct velocities, but a regular 'L' shaped pitot tube will also work for measuring the static pressure, just ignore the velocity pressure port on a pitot tube.
    Dwyer Instruments - Primer On How Our Products Work | Dwyer Instruments
    Full line catalog of Industrial controls including pressure gages, manometers, pressure-switches, transmitters, flowmeters, flow-switches, pitot tube…
  • Thanks Tom for reminding me to register The Pure Energy Center on the HE Guide to Training Programs!
  • Oh, Paul, you are my idol! We have done some research on which probes to use to measure draft pressure because we found different pressures with the two different probes while testing the same appliance... We started out using the static pressure probe tips. Then we moved to straight probes and found inconsistent results. We've decided to always use the static pressure probe tips. And, because we do QA and QC (Final Inspections) after work is complete, we have the responsibility to be as or MORE accurate than the contractors (because we have the power to fail jobs). If our probe measures low draft pressure and the contractor's probe measured a stronger draft, we might fail a job for inadequate draft pressure. This isn't OK if we aren't using the correct probe. So we use the static pressure probe tips.

    We didn't know about the warranty void for drilling holes in draft diverters. At least we fill the holes with chrome hole plugs (at a buck a piece!).
  • Drilling draft diverters
    There are some You Tube videos and other training programs that promote drilling the draft diverter in order to access the undiluted CO more easily. It is my understanding that doing so will void the warranty on the water heater and that it is better to use an 'L' shaped adapter to reach the undiluted flue gases.

    I also think we should arrive at consensus on whether or not using a straight tube or 'L' shaped static pressure probe is the right way to measure draft. Seems like the straight tubes go into the flue at a variety of angles and inconsistent depths.
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2013 Manual-S Speedsheet Now Available

Hello Trainers,You're invited to check out the latest and greatest Manual-S Speedsheet.It actually HELPS you complete the Manual-S process by guiding you, letting you know when you've entered suspicious data, and the best feature of all - IT ACTUALLY MATCHES THE WAY YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO SELECT EQUIPMENT!Here's a video that shows how it works. To see more, visit this blog post.As always, it'd be great to get some feedback on it. What do you think?

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Protecting presentations

PowerPoint presentations take hours to create - about an hour a slide, I have found.  When I am asked to put on a training session these days or make a presentation at a conference, I am essentially required to release rights to the presentation for any one to look at or use.  Sometimes when I look for stuff on the web, I am referenced by my own presentation!  When I started in this crazy business we used overheads and 35mm slides and there was no way for people to get copies.  It's really…

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