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   I agree with Jed.  Get a hold of RREAL in Minnesota.  We installed a solar furnace/collector on a client's home in Illinois with their help.  They were able to give us a BTU rating for the size collector that was installed and even a good e…"
Jul 17, 2014
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This is the solar air collector we installed in Spring 2011. Since the install, the homeowners' bills and carbon footprint have been considerably lower!
Jun 24, 2013
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"I had the pleasure of seeing NYSWDA's pressure house.  It is amazing!!!"
Jun 24, 2013
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Jun 20, 2013
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Apr 26, 2013
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"I have to somewhat agree with Robert.  And although grateful to receive the assistance and monetary savings, as Robert stated, a lot of the customers we work with don't understand the energy saving measures that they cannot see (insulation, airseali…"
Apr 23, 2013
Bradley Wiesneth commented on Chris Morin's blog post Why do we have Sizing Limits?
"A properly sized furnace is one that is sized to efficiently handle the load needed to heat a home based on its location, insulation, etc.  Although a properly sized furnace will efficiently handle the heating load needed for 99% of the heating seas…"
Apr 8, 2013
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"I'm thinking the crusader eliminated one of the two steam boilers (or resized and installed a new, highefficiency boiler) to handle heating both units in the duplex.  By incorporating zone valves and separate thermostats, the clients no longer have…"
Mar 28, 2013
Bradley Wiesneth replied to Dale Eklund's discussion Installing asphalt shingle roofing around dormers – a how-to primer
"Very good article, Dale.  Roofing is an art or at least an "adventure"! :)  It takes significant experience to really start to understand water shed principle as it pertains to dormers, valleys, and common roof penetrations .  With roofing (shinglin…"
Mar 25, 2013