David Heslam replied to Haley Keegan's discussion Remote Training Opportunities
Earth Advantage has developed a number of online trainings over the past few years. Currently, most of the online content is geared to the real estate industry. Largely, it's material designed to allow them to better understand the value of e…"
Mar 26
David Heslam commented on Brett Little's video
"Brett, It's great to see that Kol is delivering training on ADUs with you. Here at Earth Advantage we've been partnering with Kol since 2014 to deliver this type of training. The courses have been very popular with members of the real estate industr…"
Mar 26
David Heslam replied to Keith Burrows's discussion Wanted: Operational Rating System Feedback
I like the user interface that you have created. If the user is entering bills manually like I was it's nice to be able to enter the annual usage as a lump sum rather than be asked to enter it month by month, which is not needed for this purp…"
Jan 7, 2016
David Heslam commented on Melissa Baldridge's blog post Green Stamps - Real Estate Investor Sells "Green-and-Flips" for More
"Green Canopy Homes in Seattle has followed this model for the past several years, with a local twist. They have local Home Performance contractors conduct  the audits. The metric for the energy analysis is the Energy Performance Score and many of th…"
Oct 22, 2013
David Heslam commented on Building Performance Journal's blog post The Bumpy Road to Net Zero Energy
 This is great data! I do have a question about the source energy graph.
It looks like you have been able to bring the monthly source energy use down to nearly 1 MBtu/month. Given that the electricity use has become a net exporter, and the…"
Oct 18, 2011
David Heslam commented on Elisa Wood's blog post Google quits smart meters. Anyone care?
"The ability to track energy use and "see" your savings will not appeal to all, but definitely has appeal to some. I believe it will certainly hold interest for more if energy prices were to rise, as was mentioned below.
Since I'm a energy geek I'v…"
Jul 12, 2011