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  • Great idea Diane, thank you! Glad to be participating in this community.

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    Thank you for your help and I am glad to be a part of your community 

    Thank you so much

  • Hi Diane, thanks for the warm welcome! 

  • Thanks for the welcome Diane,

    Much good building energy performance information here;

    Its a never ending endeavor to be more energy efficient.

    Glass is basically the weakest link in a building envelope with usually less than one inch of space between the interior & exterior surfaces of a window !

    I'll be posting on topics related to my business involving new & retro-fit window and glass performance products/issues/solutions that are available through Ultra*Glaze.

    Ultra-Glaze is a glass and window tinting and protective coatings company serving the Westmoreland, Indiana, Cambria, Somerset, and Fayette counties…
  • Thanks, Diane!

    Looking forward to getting to the industry better!

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  • Thanks Diane , I've found it's better to lurk for a bit first though.

  • Thank you, Diane.

  • Thank you so much, Diane! I really appreciate it! I am the new marketing and communications person at BPI and very excited to join this awesome community. :) 

  • Thanks for the welcome :)

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