Jim Peck replied to Corbett Lunsford's discussion CAZ Depressurization: NOT a Big Deal?
"Decades of experience in the Culinary realm give me a slightly different perspective.  It is the capture area of the hood that is of significance.  Installing sides will never go over, but if the hood were required to extend some predetermined…"
Apr 12, 2014
Jim Peck replied to Sandra K. Adomatis, SRA's discussion HERS Index tracking 5 years or more after construction
"Ratings and software combine to make estimates
True analysis comes from Consumption: Utility data, past bills, etc
Occupant behavior can skew the results 50% or more
Structural modifications can induce further changes
I've done one year studies here…"
Mar 21, 2014
Jim Peck replied to Dan Antonioli's discussion Best Insulation For Older Building With Potential Moisture
"I would think you would want to use fiberglass.  Calculate and use a good controlled ventilation strategy."
Mar 21, 2014
Jim Peck replied to Mike Rogers's discussion Where do you fall in the "staged" versus "gotta be all at once" discussion?
"It all comes down to money, does it not?"
Mar 8, 2014
Jim Peck replied to Craig McManus's discussion How to keep mice, critters from getting into duct insulation that is under a house that is on piers.
"mothballs have worked for decades"
Mar 8, 2014
Jim Peck commented on Chris Morin's blog post Can you trust your Load Calc Software?
"Agreeing with Ted here,
"Models are tools for modelers like hammers are tools for carpenters"
Just cause you own a hammer doesn't mean you can set a nail without a dimple :)"
Mar 1, 2014
Jim Peck commented on Jim Gunshinan's blog post A Valentine's Day Lesson
"I'm with Ted,
Fix the house and downsize the HSYS to a Prius level unit or,
Leave the house as is and drive the LTD"
Feb 19, 2014
Jim Peck replied to Luis Hernandez's discussion Calculating BTU lost per cfm leaks
"Yes, and when I cannot sleep I do my own version counting the length of time my FAN runs to reset my internal temp then take into account the current Delta T of the night and then, finally when does the furnace come back on!

I obviously need help"
Jan 28, 2014
Jim Peck replied to Tom DelConte's discussion Energy Savings that Are Hot Air!
"Mass Save has a pretty aggressive program addressing both those issues Bob"
Jan 22, 2014
Jim Peck commented on Building Performance Journal's blog post December 9, 2013...Will It Go Down In Weatherization History As The Day That Changed The Future?
"Well said, Meg"
Dec 17, 2013
Jim Peck replied to Patrick Michaelyan's discussion Insulating the "walls" of a mansard-style roof.
"Nice explanation.  thanks"
Dec 7, 2013
Jim Peck commented on Glen Gallo's blog post Will California AB 327 work?
Thanks for this breakdown.  If the objective is to help those in need, would it not be best to leave the rates alone and use Efficiency upgrades in the valley in the low to moderate income sectors?  Perhaps increasing the benefits charges on…"
Nov 23, 2013
Jim Peck replied to Evan Mills's discussion Let's hear your feedback on Home Energy Pros!
"Count me in as a firm advocate!"
Jul 22, 2013
Jim Peck replied to Bud Poll's discussion HDD and internal gain.
My Energy awareness is an ongoing process.The first thing I always do when trying to calculate things is convert everything to one standard unit.  In my case btu's.  When I look at homes(I'm down on the Southern Command Post in Kittery) I…"
Jul 22, 2013
Jim Peck replied to peter chang's discussion Electrical system data loggers
"Great Data collection!"
Jun 20, 2013
Jim Peck replied to George Kopf's discussion ASHRAE 62.2.2010 and the $20 app
""It takes a whole village to raise a child""
May 10, 2013