Joe Romero commented on Chris Morin's blog post The Enthalpy Method
"Great approach Christopher Morin!  I think the proposed approach is both robust and efficient. This is a great way of representing the analysis of solidification systems."
Aug 26, 2013
Joe Romero replied to Jim Gunshinan's discussion How Do We Make Energy Efficiency Sexy, or at Least Interesting?
"Great updates on the utility of PV panels! I think the decision of installing photovoltaic cell panels basically matters with location The amount of sunlight as determined by the climate of one's location and the ability to receive the direct rays…"
Aug 26, 2013
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"Hi Dough,
Welcome to Home Energy Pros, a home energy professional network. Hope you will have a great sharing out here. Looking forward for your updates....
Have a great day!"
Aug 20, 2013
Joe Romero replied to Jim Gunshinan's discussion Do you use a checklist in your work?
"Hi Jim, as we know nothing remain static in business and need to go along with changes to cope up with the change in business scenario. So, My check list do changes with new demands and requirement. Though certain category remain unchanged too. "
Aug 14, 2013
Joe Romero replied to Jim Gunshinan's discussion Do you use a checklist in your work?
"I usually create my own check-list to get an idea of the work important to me and accordingly prioritize the work. Since my business deal with doors and windows, It helps in adding great value to the work as everything gets completed on their time…"
Aug 7, 2013
Joe Romero commented on Cara Luecht's blog post Design, circa 1997
"Nice Post Cara,
I thoroughly enjoyed reading the post and I just love the image on top right. The color combination is making it look more beautiful and elegant."
Aug 6, 2013
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"The double-hung windows not only add aesthetically pleasing look to your home but also are great to manage and maintain. Check out the latest blog on why Double-Hung Windows are great for your home at"
Aug 2, 2013
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"Whether your window comes standard with the energy efficient Low-E glass, or one of our many speciality glass options, proper maintenance is required to ensure exceptional performance of window glass repair or replacement."
Aug 1, 2013
Joe Romero commented on Brett Little's blog post Michigan GreenStar’s First Certified Remodel in Grand Rapids shows 50% energy reduction
"This looks amazing! I was very skeptical about green remodeling, but now after going through the blog, Green Re modelling looks awesome.
Windows Los Angeles"
Jul 30, 2013
Joe Romero replied to Bud Poll's discussion Does infiltration really reduce the r-value of our insulation?
"It has been found that roof application of spray foam will reduce infiltration and reduce ceiling heat transfer and duct losses. Wall and floor applications will also create better thermal and air barriers, and make better use of engineered products."
Jul 18, 2013
Joe Romero replied to Johnny Ritzo's discussion Selecting a Water Heater
"I would suggest you suggest for gas powered heat pump. Though it cost more than electric heaters but are more efficient to operate. We need to avoid burning electricity for heat whenever possible. "
Jul 16, 2013
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Entry Door
Jul 12, 2013
  • Joe Romero Willing to change your entry door? Enjoy for our entry door package that offers lots of options at a great value and ready-made for installation at just $1649*. Book your offer now! Offer valid for limited period only.for details see at…
    Jul 12, 2013
Joe Romero replied to Tom DelConte's discussion Temperature Control Problems with Vision Thermostats
"Tom, Good discussion out there regarding each and every temperature control problem in Heat pumps. Well, I do have a experience that heat pump handle temperatures well below 30 without having to resort to AUX or EMG heating."
Jun 28, 2013
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Check out our must see video to protect yourself from any mishappening form the warranties document provide by window salesperson. If you’re asked to pay extra for the warranties, there are several things you should consider before agreeing.""
Jun 26, 2013
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Using fiberglass as a building material is nothing new. However recently it has proven to be a much better window framing option when compared to wood and vinyl. Fiberglass has been around a long time traditionally used in building boats and as a…
Jun 24, 2013
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Check out some interesting and meaningful videos, helping with the dealing of ''What to know about Weatherstrip and Weepholes'' by Joe Romero
Jun 20, 2013