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Mar 17
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Mar 16
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In Berkeley, California, they recently banned future gas hookups in new construction. It’s causing quite the uproar. Here’s a link to a discussion on it:  It s…
Mar 15
Larry Weingarten commented on Leslie Jackson's blog post Retooling Up in an Era of Change
"Leslie, The things that stood out for me most in what you wrote "asking great questions, listening well", are SO important, no matter what the media is. And, we seem to be hard wired for stories. It's a wonderful way to communicate. You hit the high…"
Mar 6
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"Leslie, Thankyou! Somewhere in the back of my mind is a comment attributed to Ronald Reagan, something like "Efficiency means freezing in the dark." I set out to disprove that with my house. A friend, Zak Vetter is looking to "live better on less en…"
Feb 20
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I live in Northern California where PG&E has recently been shutting off power to large areas and populations because of the fire risk PG&E’s infrastructure poses, particularly when the weather is dry and windy. This has been causing all sorts of tro…
Feb 15
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Feb 10
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"Hi Daniel, My most basic approach to servicing tank type heaters is to check and replace the anode as needed and do the same with the T&P valve. Sediment varies with water quality and water usage. Still, I've had heaters last over fifty years with t…"
Nov 11, 2019
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"Hi Steve, Good point.  This article was originally written over twenty years ago when gas was "clean"... and modified to be somewhat more current. To me the biggest untapped resource is efficiency, with simplicity being part of that equation. I'm al…"
Nov 11, 2019
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The real world isn't an easy place to be idealistic about hot water systems and what could be.  Many compromises are made in cost, quality, expectation and education.  Money and ego play a part as well.  We'd like to daydream out loud for a bit and…
Oct 15, 2019
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"Mrowwww! >''<"
May 22, 2019
Larry Weingarten replied to Daniel Baur-McGuire's discussion How to Insulate Exposed Outdoor Ductwork?? Help
"Hello, Another approach would be to wrap the duct in fiberglass and then use a sheet metal (aluminum) cover, caulked at the seams to prevent any sort of moisture from getting in. This will be much easier to modify later on. 

Yours,  Larry"
May 13, 2019
Larry Weingarten replied to Luis Hernandez's discussion Water heater ventilation question
"Hello,  I'd take some photos and send them to the manufacturer, along with info on their unit. Let them tell you what's right or wrong here. They should help you get to the cause of the overheating. 

Yours,  Larry"
Apr 22, 2019
Larry Weingarten replied to Leslie Jackson's discussion DIY Filter Solution for an Evaporative Cooler, anyone?
"Hello,  I'm probably confused, but I'd want to know where the dust and dirt are coming from.  It's not normal for these units to make this problem. Perhaps the pads are losing bits of fiber, or dirt on the roof, or construction/installation debris,…"
Jul 19, 2018
Larry Weingarten replied to Diane Chojnowski's discussion Linda Wiggington honored with 2016 Conservation Luminary Award
"From Linda,  “I think it is important to be for something, to demonstrate and provide information that empowers people to explore the ways they live.”  Linda, you have certainly earned this recognition!  Very nice.

Yours,  Larry"
Sep 9, 2016
Larry Weingarten replied to Dan Antonioli's discussion Net Zero Energy Hot Water
"Hello:  Looking for solid numbers,you might want to search "Martin Holladay solar thermal dead".  He's written two articles on this. The first one is "Solar Thermal is Dead" and the second one is "Solar Thermal is Really, Really Dead".  I hope to ha…"
Apr 28, 2016