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Grit, wit, intuition, authenticity. These are just some of the skills a Black business man must add to his Home Performance tool kit along with analytical skills, math, blower door operation, donning and doffing PPE safely.Darnell Johnson, of Urban…
Sep 9
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"Thanks for keeping this important conversation alive. I wonder what other indoor productions we can compare this to, such as flower growing.
I like your comparison to Hawai'i 365 days a year. 
And while I agree with you that outdoor grown is…"
Aug 12
Leslie Jackson commented on Building Performance Journal's blog post Industry Town Hall: Working During the COVID-19 Pandemic—Conversations from the Field
"This was great, thanks for making it available. I look forward to more townhalls!
Aug 3
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By now you’ve taken Energy Smart Academy’s COVID-19 Workplace Safety Course. If not, what are you waiting for? I was so impressed with the popular course and the overwhelming response to it, with various programs & profressionals using it as a…
Jul 28
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"Thanks for making this available, Brett! Looking forward to participating!"
Jul 27
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"Thanks for the tip! Subscribing, donating, and bookmarking this site. It's nicely organized, too!
Jul 9
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During the BPA National Conference—not in New Orleans, but in your home and mine—I got to sit down with Allison Bailes and chat about his upcoming book, A House Needs to Breathe … Or Does It? That’s a working title, but it caught my attention. I…
Jul 8
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"Hi Diane, thanks for your comment. These are recorded Zoom meetings. What's cool is you are sent both your sound and the guests' sound separately (and blended). 
Makes editing nice. I'm also recording my own sound locally in Garageband so I have…"
Jul 6
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This week I have a chance to sit down with two prominent educators in home performance, Amanda Hatherly of Energy Smart Academy, and Chris Dorsi of the Montana Weatherization Training Center. In each video interview, though we have plenty of other…
Jul 1
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"This is great and it shares a stage with some pretty heavy hitters today. Does it support the contractors taking the online trainings? Or does it support the creation of the online trainings? And who creates the online training?
Good luck! Keep us…"
Jun 24
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"I'm both humbled and proud to see my organization step up to the challenge of self-reflection, and to do our part in equalizing the educational and workforce development opportunities for Black and Brown people. It's a compliment to the whole…"
Jun 3
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"This is cool to see. I have three of Francis K. Ching's arhitectural drafting books and refer to them often."
Jun 3
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 As happy hour festivities go during conferences, I found myself in a room full of great folks;a few I had met, a few I hadn't. As the group of 90 or so were shuffled by Chris Docchio into three smaller chatrooms,I was delighted to find myself in…
Apr 28
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"Hi Robb
Thanks for these reawakenings! ... You mean these things are general practice??The way I learned to work with power tools, if your wan't fully geared up with protection,my teacher unplugged me... Though later when asked about his rigorous…"
Apr 21
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Apr 21
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Happy Friday (is that what day it is?) I hope you are staying well, healthy, and safe. I have just launched the second edition of Building Performance Talk. In this episode, I talk to Chris Magwood, a long time friend in natural building, who runs…
Apr 17