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How are you spending your shelter-in-place time? I find in this line of work there is more than enough to do, while friends who are parents are suddenly homeschooling as well. My landmates’ two kids have built a delightfully sketchy zipline in our y…
Apr 1
Leslie Jackson is going to COVID-19 Safety Precautions for Contractors - LIVE stream from The Healthy Indoors Show
Apr 1
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"Thank you for this valuable resource, boss!! Keeping it scientific and not political is so welcome!"
Apr 1
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Mar 27
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Haley posted a question in the Training forum about online learning resources for folks to enjoy during this time of shelter in place, and since my answer is still in my clipboard, I thought I'd paste it here as well:Let us know of changes to these,…
Mar 26
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"Hi Haley, Leslie here from Building Performance Journal with a short answer to your great question. I have been compiling a list to add to the magazine's current list of ongoing trainings, since so many great teachers are taking their lessons online…"
Mar 26
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For the building performance industry, no one is on the frontlines of the battle with the COVID-19 virus than indoor air quality professionals. On March 19, Bob Krell, who is an IAQ contractor himself, as well as Publisher of Healthy Indoors magazin…
Mar 21
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I’m reading Robert Greene’s Mastery. In it, we are encouraged to understand that anyone can do mastery – it is not reserved for the ones who get famous at it; the Mozarts and Einsteins. Using the examples of ordinary-though-eccentric and creative pe…
Mar 4
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Feb 27
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"Larry in your humbleness you didn't mention you are not compromising on COMFORT and beauty! Your house isn't just efficient, it's nicer to be in than most on-the-grid homes! I'll make a plug on both our behalves...As series of three articles publish…"
Feb 19
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"Great to have you back, Macie, and to work beside you this time! Looking forward to the coming adventures."
Jan 23
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"Thanks for the report-back, Larry! I have been wishing to go to one of these for years, and next time this cool train is on the West Coast, I will hop aboard!"
Jan 17
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"Thanks for your comment ovacen, good news is .... good, and yes I think this conference next week is going to be inspiring. See you there?"
Oct 2, 2019
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As the date approaches for the Getting to Zero Forum in Downtown Oakland, California October 9-11, this article, published mid-summer by Team Zero on a study called Zero Energy Residential Buildings gives the impression this show will carry some new…
Oct 1, 2019
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Here is the low-down on an upcoming hands-on workshop in El Sobrante, CA. I hope you can join us. I will be there heckling, playing my fiddle, and passing out cold watermelon!Dear friends and family,Wild and Radish welcomes you to join us for a hand…
Jul 15, 2019
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"Thanks, Diane! It's neat to be involved from the beginning."
Jul 2, 2019