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"The oily stuff drips out when the cover is opened.  Unfortunately I don't have pictures.  Doesn't seem to be below the motor.  Just wanted to know if anyone else had seen this phenomenon."
Feb 20
Paul Raymer replied to Paul Raymer's discussion Oily Stuff in ERVs
"There are two different ERVs both with the issue.  Air on the return side is coming from the return duct and being pushed back into the return duct.  There is a fresh air feed from the outside.  No stove connection and the filters seem clear."
Feb 20
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I visited a house a couple of days ago that was full of HVAC issues.  About 4000 square foot house with multiple systems including two poorly installed ERVs.  Summer house, so it is infrequently used.  When I opened the covers on each ERV an oily…
Feb 18
Paul Raymer commented on John White's blog post Troubleshooting Tips for a Furnace That is Not Blowing Hot Air
"My furnace is sourced with a hot water loop from the water heater.  I kept turning up the water heater temperature until the temperature/pressure relief valve started blowing water out onto the basement floor.  After a lot of air and pipe…"
Jan 30
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"Thanks for the input."
Jan 23
Paul Raymer replied to Eric Miller's discussion Best Exhaust Fans - your opinion?
"I certainly agree with Mark regarding the quality of the installation.  Leakage around the housing after installation is usually the major culprit in leakage.  In my testing, I have found that the majority of backdraft dampers in fans work quite…"
Sep 5, 2019
Paul Raymer replied to Haley Keegan's discussion Baffles without soffit vents?
"Sean -  I'm curious as to why you say the insulation should never touch the sheathing?  That's one I haven't heard before.  Insulation in walls touch the sheathing.  I've never liked soffit venting, and certainly baffles are critical when soffit…"
Aug 29, 2019
Paul Raymer replied to Bob Krell's discussion Join our group discussions on indoor environments in Healthy Indoors (IAQ)
"Hope this is going well.  See you in Chicago next week?  Going to be talking about the EPA's IAP-X with Corbett Lunsford and HomeChem.
Paul Raymer"
Mar 29, 2019
Paul Raymer left a comment for Don Fugler
"Don -
Hope you are doing well and enjoying life!
I am working on an IAQ program for existing homes with the EPA and wondered if I could get you to take a look at a short section on combustion safety.  I think it's covered, but I would welcome your…"
Mar 18, 2019
Paul Raymer replied to Paul Raymer's discussion Green Home Solutions Franchise
"Thanks, Franco.  I am just curious if this company "Green Home Solutions" is legitimate.  It makes me wonder when they misspell one of their key components - Probitoics instead of Probiotics. "
Nov 26, 2018
Paul Raymer posted a discussion
Seems like a good concept to franchise cleaning up mold in people's houses.  People are afraid of mold.  And cleaning it up with something called "Better Air Probitoics safe, all natural fogging solution" that will "restore indoor ecological balance…
Nov 19, 2018
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Seems like a reasonable use of space and materials and saving in costs to use a stud cavity as a conditioned air return.  But is it a good idea?  The inside surface of naked, unpainted sheetrock is heaven for mold.  We know that these cavities are…
Aug 23, 2018
Paul Raymer posted a blog post
John Tooley said, “Air is like crooked rivers, crooked people, teenagers, and cheap labor.  It always seeks the path of least resistance.”  He didn’t say that Angry air is Noisy air.   Air doesn’t like being forced through corrugated, flexible…
Jul 7, 2017
Paul Raymer posted a blog post
Fall River, MA     October 13, 2016 For two days – November 15th and 16th - Paul Raymer of Heyoka Solutions will be teaching a pilot of the BPI HHE course at the Fall River campus of Bristol Community College (BCC).  The purpose of this course is to…
Oct 20, 2016
Paul Raymer commented on Paul Raymer's blog post Zonal Pressure Puzzle
"This is a test cabin inside a building.  The cabin has four outside walls, a floor, and a ceiling.  The room that the fan is in has a ceiling between the room and the laboratory which is serving as 'outside'.  The cabin was depressurized to 50…"
Aug 12, 2016
Paul Raymer commented on Paul Raymer's blog post Zonal Pressure Puzzle
"Ah, but there is a backdraft damper on the fan!  I've tested these before and found that they are generally quite tight, as you say, but something unusual is happening in this case."
Aug 5, 2016