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For those familiar with the Passivhaus Institut concepts for super-efficient building design, there is a kickstarter project to help finish a documentary introducing these concepts to the US market in an easy to understand way. Worth a look.  I'm…
Nov 10, 2012
Powell Smith replied to Powell Smith's discussion Is anyone game for putting together a rebuttal to this article regarding "Green Homes being Unhealthy?"
"You can definitely cause more problems than you solve by implementing poorly planned changes to seal your envelope but it's just frustrating to know that some people will read a report like this and use it as an excuse not to act at all.
I think a…"
Jun 10, 2011
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This article came out on June 8 and deserves a response from DOE and some Home Energy Pros! Green Buildings Hazardous to Health? Report Cites Risks of…
Jun 9, 2011
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"Good point about the garage issue.  I live in the suburbs where everyone has a garage or carport so charging at home or work is an option.  For city dwellers a hybrid or PHEV is probably a better option for now. (or walking, biking or public transit…"
Jun 9, 2011
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Below is an article I wrote on the Mapawatt Blog.  I thought I would share it here on Home Energy Pros as well.  Are you preparing your home for an electric car?As my electric Porsche Boxster reaches the final stages of construction, I’ve been…
Jun 1, 2011