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"Flyer is not found?"
Oct 18
Sean Lintow Sr replied to Virginia MacDonald's discussion Radiant Heat Hardwood Floors?
You know the answer is - it depends. With that & quick shot assuming you have access under the flooring is a retrofit solution using either metal tracks (which pex snaps into) or special…"
Oct 4
Sean Lintow Sr replied to Blake Reid's discussion Hot Tubs
"Sorry on the guide but yes that is accurate - don't turn the heat off or the filter. Usage betrween even the same unit can vary dramatically - where is it at (outside, inside, shady, city), do they leave it covered, temprature selected, how often is…"
Sep 23
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Aug 26
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Jul 28
Sean Lintow Sr replied to Greg O'Beirne's discussion Thermal bridging to improve energy efficiency?
"Umm never... We don't like thermal bridges & rather keep conditioned air in
As an FYI & I might start a war with this but the "color" doesn't matter too much - reflectivity of a material does"
Jul 27
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"Can we say way to much missing info... how is your system setup now, layouts, package system or???
In reality there should be no stagnation, air should be flowing everywhere especially when the place is packed. As for viruses - unless you are…"
May 26
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"Just curious how you were going to encapsilate the insulation
Baffles should take care of wind washing - gravity also has to deal with the rule that an object at rest tens to stay at rest but if worried & spraying celulose they have some that can be…"
May 13
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"Sounds like expansion / contraction is going on. Replacing - probably not but I would have a qualified HVAC guy look at them to see if things were done right & ways to minimize it / or sound transfer
As for cleaning - cleaning ducts is worthless in…"
May 13
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"More like a nightmare...

How accurate is the equipment - how was it handled by others, properly maintained & tested?
How much equipment - just one or more sets, how long is the "checkout" period
How long to teach someone to use & setup, make sure…"
May 10
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Apr 22
Sean Lintow Sr replied to Heidi McCullough's discussion ERV to mitigate negative pressure?- seeking a logic check
"Ok but if you seal up where the water heater is - where is the air needed for combustion coming from? - do you have a high low pipe in the area
Before spending a ton of money doing this & that for an old water heater - replace it with either a…"
Apr 10
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"Got pics - where is it pulling air from in the house (stove area?) Where do you see it in the unit - sidewalls, filters..."
Feb 18
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"Problem with some baths is they don't get enough supply air in so that cuts down on the amount that actually does get exhausted over time - well that & crappy ducting installs
2nd if one goes with an ERV is the air mixing & getting pulled back in…"
Feb 14
Sean Lintow Sr replied to M John's discussion Getting better without being so negative (depressurization)
"Dehu in a bath - no you still need to remove odors
HRV to bath - only if supply - yes I know some use them for exhaust but that can cause issues in some climates (ERV is definitely a no-no for exhaust)
Range hoods - if over 400cfm a makeup supply is…"
Feb 6
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"Place dimple / drainage mat down - insulation - plywood... 
The plastic test for concrete doesn't tell you what is under the concrete - poly or not, just if there is moisture in the concrete which will cause issues 
Plastic is placed on top of…"
Jan 22