Virginia MacDonald commented on Joe Hughes's blog post IAQRadio: Jay Portnoy, MD – A Pioneering Pediatrician’s Perspective on COVID-19 & Mold Health Effects
"It would help lots if there was a link to the actual podcast website on the post here."
Dec 28, 2020
Virginia MacDonald replied to Emily Kemper's discussion Conducting Blower Door Tests as we return to work
"Hi Paul and Kelly, thanks for the informative and engaging discussion. I work for a WAP agency in Bellingham, WA. Personally, I agree with you Paul - the benefits of removing stale/possibly virus containing air from the home with the blower door…"
Oct 30, 2020
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Hi Everyone, I'm interested in what weatherization and home repair agencies around the country are doing about COVID safety right now. I'm SPECIFICALLY interested in comparing notes with other government funded programs. Is there a dedicated forum…
Oct 29, 2020
Virginia MacDonald posted a discussion
Hi all, Real question: is it every really a good idea to retrofit existing hardwood floors with radiant heating elements? The only time I've ever seen this done, there was major popping and expansion of the floor boards, and the client was clearly…
Oct 1, 2020
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Sep 2, 2020