Conferencing in Place- Scenes from Quarantine

Day 3 of our National Home Performance Virtual Conference and we are getting our legs under us. I keep thinking about what the scene is like for all of you. I am so used to seeing you all in one place, that the idea of 1500+ of us gathering together, in the only way we can at this moment, in 1500+ different places is difficult to grasp. I thought I would share a few scenes from my conferencing in place setup.

There are moments of calm, but it gets pretty chaotic around here. My wife has a pretty demanding job as well and we have 3 daughters. 22 months, 7, and 14. So we have a Daycare/Elementary School/Middle School/Carnegie Mellon University branch campus/BPA Virtual Conference mission control (one of 10 mission controls in 6 states) going on under this roof.

But I know we aren’t alone- we are all juggling, adapting, and surviving. The sense of community we have in this industry is something I thrive on and I was pretty down about missing it when NOLA was cancelled (that and NOLA is my happy place). But seeing this come together and seeing you engaging with each other has really lifted me up. I hope the conference is brightening you days too. 

So, here's hoping you join me and post some photos of your conferencing in place setup. 

Also, going to get a plug in here, if you dig my shirt and aren't a member- join BPA, register at the member rate, let us know and you might find one of these in your mailbox. 

If you are already a member and are registered, keep an eye out as well- we are sending out a few hundred at rando4553291900?profile=RESIZE_710xm.

Have fun and I look forward to seeing your virtual conference scenes!4553242696?profile=RESIZE_710x4553266075?profile=RESIZE_710x




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  • These are so much fun!

  • 4602334671?profile=RESIZE_400xLeslie Jackson, BPJ Video Producer and Associate Editor sheltering with gear in place!


  • Jim Gunshinan, BPJ senior editor, with his faithful writing companion, who is thinking, "Where is my t-shirt?"


  • Bethany is "conferencing in place" in her BPA vest! 


  • Robyn Hall, Customer Service "Scientist" - always available to answer your questions and brighten your day. Thanks, Robyn! 


    • I heard that title was self given LOL

      But you do brighten days!

  • Kim Dresser, BPA Director of Membership, and her crew are the "t-shirt keepers!" 


  • What fun to see everyone in their home offices!

    I'm very impressed by the conference. The presentations are fantastic. What a great collection of experts!

    Joining from Iowa where it's windy and cold.


  • Love this! And I'm in a similar situation....we've got two sons who are 4 and 6. So my husband and I are running an elementary school along with our full-time jobs. But this week has already been so exciting - this conference really reminds me that we're all in this together and that the people in this industry are resilient and strong. Even though we're not in NOLA, I'm glad we're all together virtually. Here I am conferencing in place: 


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